Write and Shine Sessions

The image shows black handwriting on white background saying: Write and Shine! with the UofGSoTL hashtag below in a sans serif font typescript

What are these sessions?

Write and Shine sessions are sometimes going under the name of writing boot-camp, or shut-up and write (yes that’s the official title) sessions. These sessions are very loosely based on Prof Rowena Murray’s work (link opens in new window). To summarize, the idea is to disconnect from everything else, get together in a shared space, undertake some goal setting and then write. At least this is our adaptation. We are simply creating a space to sit down and write. Although, as this semester is going the session may or may not have been renamed into ‘Getting s*** done session’.

What will I do?

Join the session at any point during the given timeslot, this week a participant only managed 20 minutes, but 20 minutes of focussed writing is better than nothing. If you join right at the start of the session we usually chat for 5-10 minutes and everyone shares their writing goal in more or less detail with one another. The sessions are run in MS Teams, so dropping in at any point–or popping in and out–works really well without disturbing the others. If you join the session at a later point, you do your goalsetting (if you wish) with the person who runs the session in the chat that is associated to the session. We usually switch our microphones off, as some people like to listen to music etc while writing, and people either leave their cameras on or switch them off.

Why participate?

  1. Being together in this space creates a bit of peer pressure
  2. Signing up and joining others also creates accountability
  3. It is a purposeful space for writing (or marking, or developing teaching material)
  4. It helps to stay focussed
  5. When you are stuck you can post in the chat (for instance today people shared references for journal articles and discussed approaches to methodology)
  6. You can also go into a breakout room if you need a proper chat about your writing
  7. Or you just focus on your writing knowing you are not alone
This image: Another Write and Shine Image, it's in black and white (more sepia tones though than harsh black and white) there is a torn off piece of white paper across the centre of the image with the same writing as in the previous image. Below the paper the black and white photo shows a lined spiral notebook with a beautiful fountain pen laying on it. The top of the image shows an old fashioned type writer with a white empty sheet of paper in it.

Now what?

The sessions are regular every Friday from 10-12 in the morning. Although we often have colleagues who volunteer to begin them earlier or run them an hour longer when needed. Have a look at the General channel in our SoTL MS Teams group for the update each week.
The channel is set up in such a way that everyone can start a meeting. So if the Friday mornings do not work for you, but you don’t want to write alone. Why not advertise a timeslot that suits you in the General channel and ask if someone joins you?

These sessions are simply a way to create space for writing (or getting stuff done).

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  1. These are great sessions Nathalie. Thank you for organising! Thanks also to all the other writers present today for sharing their ideas and guidance. See you at the next one.

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