Day 3: SoTL- the Journey, the Magic, & the Mindmap

Welcome to Day 3 of the 12 Days of SoT! Today we have a triple pack of SoTL support to share. And, you are a lucky person! You get THREE “songs of the day” today, but you have to go into each of posts to enjoy them!

Day 3a: Journal to SoTL City

Matt Offord launches Day 3 with a comic that is packed with observations & insights about undertaking SoTL.

Day 3b: Share Your SoTL Magic

In this post Linnea Soler & Smita Odedra share some of their insights into how to start the process of SoTL dissemination, including an insight that blew their minds. Click on the link below the image below to participate in this interactive post.

Day 3c: SoTL: It’s not just the destination, it’s also the journey

In this post Linnea Soler shares her Mindmap Musings which underpin the thoughts and insights of Post 2 (“Share Your SoTL Magic”). This is shared as a Mindmap, an image, and word document. Click on the button below the image to access the AYOA Mindmap and its image and its .docx file.