Day 1: Welcome to the 12 Days of SoTL

Welcome to the 12 Days of SoTL we are starting you out with a double pack of posts to enjoy.

Post 1: Co-creating an escape room to help students develop graduate attributes

First off Sarah Honeychurch, Matt Offord, Nick Quinn, Matt Barr, and Helen Mullen  talk about game-based learning and collaborating on an escape room. Follow here or click the image below for the full blog post:

Post 2: Cheating is inevitable in business games

In this post Matt Offord is exploring the potential problems with game-based learning, or gamification. Follow this link to the post or click on the image below. Also you are getting two songs of the day today, but you have to go into the original posts to see them!

Day1b: Cheating is inevitable in business games