SoTLWriMo Prompts

  1. What is your SoTL Project about?
  2. What is the title of your project?
  3. What is the target publication?
  4. What are your research questions?
  5. What’s your methodology? Why did you choose it?
  6. What methods did you use? Why did you choose them?
  7.  Abstract: What is the project about in one to two sentences? (Elevator Pitch)
  8. Did you get ethical approval? Were there any compromises that you had to make in order to achieve this?
  9. Opening Line: What is your paper’s opening line? How does it draw the reader in?
  10. What made you begin this SoTL project?
  11. Which paper most inspired you to begin this project?
  12. Which paper have you not read, but think you ought to?
  13. Favourite quotation: what quotation most inspires you? Why?
  14. Which is your favourite part of a SoTL paper/project to write? Why?
  15. Which is your least favourite part of a SoTL paper/project to write? Why?
  16. Are you an overwriter or an underwriter when it comes to first drafts?  Do you write way too much and have to edit out all the extra details that aren’t needed and cut a third or more of your draft, or do you have to go back in and fill in details, atmosphere, and what feels like half a book?
  17. Plotter or Panster Writer: What is your process of creating your paper? Do you plot and plan everything out ahead of time, or do you discover it as you write? Or are you a plantser (a mix between a plotter and a pantser)?
  18. Comps: What authors or projects would you say your project is similar to?
  19. Collaborators: who else are you working with? Are they also involved in this piece of writing?
  20. Drafting vs Editing: Which do you find more fun, and which do you find consumes more time and energy?
  21. What is your ideal writing routine?
  22.  How do you track your progress?  Do you aim for a certain number of words per day? Or are you a one scene/chapter per day kind of writer?  If you are editing or revising, do you track by the page, scene, or chapter?
  23. Playlists or Soundtracks: Do you create playlists of music to as you write to or songs that have the same atmosphere of the scenes in your project? If so, share what’s on your list.
  24.  Writing Rewards: Do you give yourself a reward for your progress? If so, what is that reward? Does this reward consistently motivate you?
  25. How are you writing the project? What is your choice of writing medium? Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Scrivener, By hand?  Do you use index cards plus a word processor?
  26.  Author Bio: Introduce yourself as an author. If you don’t already have one, write your bio blurb that will be in the back of your book/ on the conference programme.
  27. Filler or Crutch words: What words do you use excessively?
  28.  Talking to others about your project: Are you someone who excitedly explains a lot of your project, or are you someone who keeps your project secret until it’s done? Why?
  29. What progress have you made on your project? Tally your word count, your pages edited, etc. and reflect on what went well this month.
  30.  If you were to attempt SoTLWriMo again, what would you do differently?

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