SoTLWriMo prompts with the help of AI

#SoTLWriMo banner
  1. What is your aim for the #SoTLWriMo?
  2. Write one sentence for your SoTL project.
  3. Write three minutes for your SoTL project.
  4. Don’t forget to add one sentence to your SoTL project.
  5. Describe your approach to SoTL writing and how it contributes to your overall project goals.
  6. Write one paragraph about your project.
  7. Find a micro-write space today and write freely for that amount of time.
  8. What is the key thing you want to understand?
  9. What are you doing this project for?
  10. What ideas do you struggle with, and why?
  11. Can you share the most exciting/interesting aspect of your SoTL writing?
  12. Describe any writing blocks and what you have done to overcome them.
  13. Reflect on your progress so far in the #SoTLWriMo challenge.
  14. Write about a challenge you faced and how you overcame it during the #SoTLWriMo.
  15. Write a letter to your future self, reflecting on your #SoTLWriMo journey.
  16. Share a tip or strategy that has helped you stay motivated during the #SoTLWriMo.
  17. Write about a resource or tool that has been helpful in your #SoTLWriMo process.
  18. Reflect on the impact you hope your SoTL project will have on your field.
  19. Write about a conversation or discussion you had related to your SoTL project.
  20. Write about an unexpected discovery or insight that arose during your SoTL project.
  21. Share a piece of advice for someone starting their own SoTL project.
  22. Write about a challenge you faced while conducting your SoTL research and how you overcame it.
  23. Reflect on the support you have received from others during the #SoTLWriMo.
  24. Write about a lesson you have learned through your SoTL project.
  25. Share a milestone or accomplishment you have achieved during the #SoTLWriMo.
  26. Write about a collaboration or partnership that has enhanced your SoTL project.
  27. Reflect on the growth and development you have experienced during the #SoTLWriMo.
  28. Write about a question or inquiry that arose during your SoTL project.
  29. Celebrate your completion of the #SoTLWriMo challenge and reflect on your overall experience.
  30. Reflect on the impact your SoTL project has had on your personal growth and development.

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