#SoTLAdvent: Day 01

  1. Generating Dialogue in Assessment Feedback in HE
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  3. SoTL Support at UofG
  4. Song of the Day

    Welcome to UofG 12 Days of SoTL 2022

    The editorial team for this year’s 12 Days of SoTL welcomes you to our new calendar! As usual the calendar is jam packed with interesting, fun, and innovative contributions that showcase the amazing scholarship work our colleagues in the University of Glasgow but also our guests undertake!

    This year we invited guests to join us and so without further ado the first contribution this year is from Dr Sarah Rose:

    Generating Dialogue in Assessment Feedback in HE

    Dr Sarah Rose

    Sarah shares an open educational resource with us, which presents the outcomes of an action research project aiming to promote dialogue surrounding summative assessments in a large cohort of HE students. This involved an assignment coversheet being developed which encouraged students to reflect on action take on feedback previously received, challenges encountered in preparing the current assignment and whether there was anything specific they would like feedback on. This coversheet along with materials used to introduce it to students and staff are included here, alongside a presentation outlining the action research project and an infographic summarising the conclusions of the project.

    Image from project with text saying: Increasing dialogue in assessment feedback, the image is also a link to the resource and opens in a new tab


    One of the points we want to make is that SoTL crosses disciplinary boundaries. Participate in this 5 question quiz and test yourself. Can you guess which subject the quoted SoTL article is from?

    Take the h5p quiz and find out! Or use the text based version and download the word document.

    Not that easy is it? We hope the quiz demonstrated that if we take our subject specific glasses off, we can learn much from SoTL undertaken by colleagues in different subjects!

    SoTL Support at UofG

    We also want to use the first day of the calendar to highlight SoTL support and opportunities at the university.

    In our Academic and Digital Development CPD sessions we share the next SoTL network meeting times, and CPD sessions specific to SoTL.
    The recordings of the SoTL CPD sessions are on the ADD YouTube Channel
    We are working on How to SoTL resources here on the blog
    As a member of staff you can join our SoTL network on MS Teams for more support, calls for contributions, and CPD announcements, each of the colleges run their own channel in the network, and share local activities supporting SoTL
    We also support SoTL through formal programs such as the PGCAP and MEd AP

    Song of the Day

    Helele Mama Africa

    “Black Umfolosi is a self taught Acappella (Imbube) singing and traditional dance group that was formed in 1982 by the then school age members who wanted to develop themselves and contribute to their community.” (Myriadartists)

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