The Twelve Days of SoTL 2022

Header of a snow covered sky with the words: 12 Days of SoTL 2022 written in fancy festive font across the whole width of the banner
Day One Calendar Door a photo of a snowed in pine forest from above
Day Two calendar door a snowy street scene cast iron fences to the left and right snow covered trees to the right, old fashioned street lamps to the left create a pathway that moves towards a tutor style building one can barely make out through the falling snow
day three calendar door a snowy landscape this time snow covered maple trees on snow dusted meadow on a grey winter day
Day four door this time the sun breaks through snow covered pine trees, the snow blanket on the ground is thick
Day five calendar door, the background is snow covered grass stalks, it is snowing, in the foreground to the right barren twigs make a seat for a bright red cardinal bird
Day six door the whole image is snow to the left an arctic fox stares straight into the camera, he looks as if he is smiling
Day seven two pine cones lay atop a snow covered surface
Day eight door shows a pink sky in the background, like barren stalks Poplar trees line across the image, the foreground is a snow drift
Day nine door shows a snow covered hill and blue sky a frozen deciduous tree atop the hill has a couple of benches at its foot, a warm golden sunlight lights the scene
day ten door is a dark grey winder day, thick snow is coming down fairy tale pine trees are laden with snow
day elven door is a bright sunny winter day, thick snow covers the ground in the lower quarter of the image, a frozen tree, branches bend with the weight takes up most of the centre, there is blue sky in the background
day twelve door shows a white highly reflective table top, on top are Christmas ornaments, from right to left a small porcelain green pine tree, behind it the same tree just three times the size and darker green, left of the trees is a green bauble with golden specks on it, behind a bauble a golden metal star stands upright