SoTL Advent Calendars

Lets Celebrate UofG Advent Calendar Poster

Each year colleagues from our UofGSoTL Network, curate and jointly create an Advent Calendar, showcasing their amazing work, SoTL tips, resources, and experiences. And of course to stay with the spirit of the season there is always a song of the day.

These are the community produced resources covering a variety of SoTL topics. 2019 SoTL advent calendar for instance is a good resource if you are new to SoTL and are looking for an overview.

Advertisement poster for 12 Days of SoTL 2022. The poster is a winter scene showing a small farm, only the roofs of buildings are sticking out of the snow. The landscape is entirely white, with snow grey sky and thick snowflakes coming down. Writing on poster from top to bottom: UofGSoTL Presents: 12 Days of SoTL 2022 Join the celebrations! @UofGSoTL #SoTLAdvent

12 Days of SoTL 2022

Follow the link above to see the 2022 edition of the 12 Days of SoTL.

You can also download the content of the SoTL advent calendar as a PPTX file just below this text.

three girls holding hand walking along the snow covered roads in a snow covered village in the evening one of them is holding a light and the all wear winter woolies and hats and mittens and if you read this yes these are Laura, Sarah and Nathalie The text says NTU and UofG Present: 12 Days of SoTL and this is out announcement poster

NTU and UofG Present 12 Days of SoTL 2023

You can already have a snoop at this year’s design!

Poster of a winter scene all graphics are drawn or painted with watercolour and pens. A wide pedestrian walk in the snow. Red brick houses on the right, some covered with evergreen vines. Snow covered deciduous trees on the left. The top of the image is covered with a garland of red berries. On the left of it is a snowflake made of twigs, and two Christmas ornaments hang down a red and white heard and a green and red bauble. The scene looks friendly with gentle soft snowflakes tumbling down, ready to get the hot chocolate on. The text says: @UofGSoTL presents: The Twelve Days of SoTL 2021
12 Days of SoTL 2021

Follow the link above to the 12 Days of SoTL 2021!

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