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On this page you find SoTL journals that you might want to publish in. If there are journals you are aware of that are missing from the list please share in our MS Teams channel and they will be added.

Types of Journals

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Generic Journals

JPAAP Journal
General ethos of the Journal of Perspectives in Applied Academic Practice, the journal exists not only for the publication of papers within our thematic scope but also as a collegiate and developmental platform for new authors, those new to journal reviewing, and for scholars who are seeking to gain experience in journal editing and publishing.
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New Directions for Teaching and Learning
The series has four goals: to inform readers about current and future directions in teaching and learning in postsecondary education, to illuminate the context that shapes these new directions, to illustrate these new directions through examples from real settings, and to propose ways in which these new directions can be incorporated into still other settings
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American Journal of Distance Education
AJDE explores topics about all teaching-learning relationships where the actors are geographically separated, and communication takes place through technologies. Past volumes (available online) report on education through radio and television, teleconferences and recordings, printed study guides, and multimedia systems. The principal technology of contemporary distance education is the Internet, and thus most articles now report on online learning. 
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International Journal of African Higher Education
IJAHE aims to advance knowledge and promote research, as well as provide a forum for policy discussion and analysis on diverse higher education issues in the African continent. IJAHE anticipates assuming a vital role in shaping discourse, reporting new frontiers and creating a nexus for communication and networking among a wide array of researchers, students, academicians, policy makers and policy analysts interested in and concerned with higher education in Africa.
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American Journal of Education
The American Journal of Education seeks to bridge and integrate the intellectual, methodological, and substantive diversity of educational scholarship and to encourage a vigorous dialogue between educational scholars and policy makers. It publishes empirical research, from a wide range of traditions, that contributes to the development of knowledge across the broad field of education.
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The Journal of Learning and Teaching in Higher Education
The Journal will focus on Higher Education teaching, learning, research and contemporary thought. The aims of the journal are to raise the profile of scholarship in educational practice, and to bring together learners and educators in an open, creative and collaborative publication.
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Theory and Research in Education
Theory and Research in Education, formerly known as The School Field, is an international peer reviewed journal that publishes theoretical, empirical and conjectural papers contributing to the development of educational theory, policy and practice.
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International Journal for Academic Development
The International Journal for Academic Development ( IJAD) is the journal of the International Consortium for Educational Development. The purpose of the journal is to enable academic developers in higher education across the world to exchange ideas about practice and research, and to extend the theory of academic development, with the goal of improving the quality of higher education internationally. 
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Practitioner Research in Higher Education
Practitioner Research in Higher Education publishes research and evaluation papers that contribute to the understanding of theory, policy and practice in teaching and supporting learning. The journal aims to disseminate evaluations and research of professional practice which give voice to all of the participants in higher education and which are based on ethical and collaborative approaches to practitioner enquiry.
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Journal of Participatory Research Methods
(JPRM), a transdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal that is focused on the methods, techniques and processes of participatory research, evaluation and design. Our aim is to publish an open-source, widely accessible journal that features top quality manuscripts reviewed by experts in the field of participatory research. The journal will publish articles on every stage of participatory research but will focus on the methods, techniques and processes involved in conducting the research rather than on the findings and outcomes of the work.
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Learning and Teaching–The International Journal of Higher Education in the Social Sciences
The journal seeks to promote scholarship and research on learning and teaching and invites contributions from a wide and diverse community of practitioners, researchers and students. The editors will work closely with authors whose papers have the potential to be excellent but need further development.
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Teaching in Higher Education–Critical Perspectives
is more than ever open to multiple forms of contestation. However, the intellectual challenge which teaching presents has been inadequately acknowledged and theorised in higher education.
Teaching in Higher Education addresses this gap by publishing scholarly work that critically examines and interrogates the values and presuppositions underpinning teaching, introduces theoretical perspectives and insights drawn from different disciplinary and methodological frameworks, and considers how teaching and research can be brought into a closer relationship.

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STEM Journals

Computers and Education
Computers & Education aims to increase knowledge and understanding of ways in which digital technology can enhance education, through the publication of high quality research, which extends theory and practice.
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European Journal of Physics Education
No kidding this is the ‘about the journal’ the rest of the about is equally forbidding: The editor of the EJPE is responsible for deciding which of the articles submitted to the journal should be published. The editor may be guided by the policies of the journal’s editorial board and constrained by such legal requirements as shall then be in force regarding libel, copyright infringement and plagiarism. The editor may confer with other editors or reviewers in making this decision.
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International Journal of STEM Education
The International Journal of STEM Education is a multidisciplinary journal in subject-content education that focuses on the study of teaching and learning in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). It is being established as a brand new, forward looking journal in the field of education. As a peer-reviewed journal, it is positioned to promote research and educational development in the rapidly evolving field of STEM education around the world
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International Journal of Science Education
Special emphasis is placed on applicable research relevant to educational practice, guided by educational realities in systems, schools, colleges and universities. The journal publishes papers in several categories, outlined below. From time to time, a special issue, guest-edited by one or several acknowledged experts, is devoted to a topic of major interest and importance.
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British Journal of Educational Technology
BJET is a primary source for academics and professionals in the fields of digital educational and training technology throughout the world. It publishes theoretical perspectives, methodological developments and high quality empirical research that demonstrate whether and how applications of instructional/educational technology systems, networks, tools and resources lead to improvements in formal and non-formal education at all levels, from early years through to higher, technical and vocational education, professional development and corporate training.
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New Directions in the Teaching of Physical Sciences
The journal exists to showcase and disseminate innovation and research in the teaching of Physical Sciences in higher education. The journal seeks to promote developments in teaching and learning to practitioners and to the wider community through the publication of short reports and reviews and to support and encourage evidence-based teaching through the publication of research articles, particularly in the early stages of development.
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Humanities and Arts

Learning Media and Technology
Learning, Media and Technology aims to stimulate debate on digital media, digital technology and digital cultures in education. The journal seeks to include submissions that take a critical approach towards all aspects of education and learning, digital media and digital technology – primarily from the perspective of the social sciences, humanities and arts. The journal has a long heritage in the areas of media education, media and cultural studies, film and television, communications studies, design studies and general education studies.
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The International Journal of Art & Design
 is the primary source for the dissemination of independently refereed articles about the visual arts, creativity, crafts, design, and art history, in all aspects, phases and types of education contexts and learning situations. The journal welcomes articles from a wide range of theoretical and methodological approaches to research, and encourages submissions from the broader fields of education and the arts that are concerned with learning through art and creative education.
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Journal of Aesthetic Education
Journal of Aesthetic Education (JAE) is an interdisciplinary journal that focuses on clarifying the issues of aesthetic education understood in its most extensive meaning. The Journal thus welcomes articles on philosophical aesthetics and education devoted to problem areas in education critical to arts and humanities at all institutional levels, to an understanding of the aesthetic import of the new communications media and environmental aesthetics, and to an understanding of the aesthetic character of humanistic disciplines.
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