External Resources

At the moment this is an overview of potential SoTL journals you can refer
to for publication. I will add more collections in time.

Teaching, Learning and Scholarship Podcast

Many colleagues have already contributed to this podcast, as have national
and international guests. You can use the form below to propose an episode!

The Teaching and Scholarship Podcast

Prof Scott Border brought his podcast with him to UofG–listen in for
interviews with educators and students!

Image of a dictionary and the superimposed text says: SoTL glossary
SoTL Glossary

This is our collaborative glossary about all things SoTL. There is an open call for contributions.

This image shows a sepia scene of a snow covered pine forest the sun is breaking through the branches, it is overlaid with stickers of a coffee cup and a snowflake, the bottom of the image says 12 Days of SoTL in black letters
12 Days of SoTL 2019

These are the community produced resources covering a variety of SoTL topics. 2019 SoTL advent calendar for instance is a good resource if you are new to SoTL and are looking for an overview.

Lets Celebrate UofG Advent Calendar Poster
SoTL Advent Calendar 2020

You can also download the content of the SoTL advent calendar as a PPTX file just below this text.

Poster of a winter scene all graphics are drawn or painted with watercolour and pens. A wide pedestrian walk in the snow. Red brick houses on the right, some covered with evergreen vines. Snow covered deciduous trees on the left. The top of the image is covered with a garland of red berries. On the left of it is a snowflake made of twigs, and two Christmas ornaments hang down a red and white heard and a green and red bauble. The scene looks friendly with gentle soft snowflakes tumbling down, ready to get the hot chocolate on. The text says: @UofGSoTL presents: The Twelve Days of SoTL 2021
12 Days of SoTL 2021

Follow the link above to the 12 Days of SoTL 2021!

This square image shows the image of a lush woodland scene which is split across a row of vertical boxes the top of the image has the word Besotled and the bottom the phrase 'old sotl website' written across in black letters

The file download below contains the complete content of all the information that was on the old BeSoTLed Website. Authors: Lorna Morrow, Jane MacKenzie, Robert McKerlie

Photo by Social Soup Social Media on

Go here for all the resource provided by Dr Andrea Webb about SoTL in Canada and listen to the episode on the LTS Podcast.

Superhero figure and the banner next to it says: become a contributor