#LoveSoTL this February

Image description Nightclub comes to mind Written in neon lights A red heart And white light boxes Stating in black I hate nothing about you Underneath In white also It says: okay maybe proof-reading Above all hovers The LoveSoTL hashtag

Hello SoTL community, not sure how you are feeling but I am trying to emerge from the deep dark winter like the first snowdrops I saw over the weekend.

To make this last month before spring (in the Northern Hemisphere)a bit more fun and bring some colour. Let’s celebrate the month of love with a #LoveSoTL fest and find some collaborations! Here are some things you can do to share your love for SoTL:

Call to Action:

  • UofG colleagues only bring a friend to your SoTL Community on MS Teams (link opens in new tab)
  • UofG colleagues only when you are there have a look at the projects and interests shared in this file (link opens in new tab) your February challenge is to either, fill in your own details or contact a colleague from the list whose project interests you
  • Share an interesting article on Twitter using the #LoveSoTL hashtag
  • Participate in the monthly #SoTLWalk (link opens in new tab)
  • Or join in a meme competition creating your own #LoveSoTL memes
  • Get in touch for writing a blog post
  • Get in touch if you want to run a Podcast about a SoTL theme or read out loud one of your SoTL publications!
  • Check in on our SoTL Podcast https://anchor.fm/sotlcast
  • Image description Pink background A paper picture frame Pinned by apink heart to the background The frame is hugging a garland of fabric hearts I think they are made of linnen Anyway they feel like an Instagram post waiting to happen A garland of reddish pink marbles thrown thoughtlessly across the top left corner of the image A drawing: black vintage Type writer Covering the bottom right of the frame containing the hearts The paper in it says share
  • Image description Camera Books Roses A still life in pink Visual research methods And LoveSoTL Declared in writing For your attention
  • Image description Hearts are at the heart Of this LoveSoTL image One pink One vintage made from Eucalyptus cuttings Red heartshaped glasses Through which you might read The books on the bookshelf floating untethered in the image Reflective Practice Is encouraged here
  • Image description Okay this image Was an Instagram template Travel An old VW campervan on an empty street meandering through a barren landscape of red sandstone Arizona comes to mind Stickers of a signpost and compass top right corner Stickers of blue mountains bottom right Below the picture it says It's a journey Above the LoveSoTL hashtag beckons
  • Image description This time green watercolour paper background A photo smack centre and across the with of the square image It's the vintage eucalyptus cuttings Heart A garland of pink paper triangles above, various designs Washi tape sticker in the top right corner says Tell the story off Your teaching The last two words are the title of A pink notebook sticker with a fountain pen sticker in the bottom left LoveSoTL hashtag is at the bottom The letters o have a little heart insight

So you may have noticed this month it’s all about sharing, and joining in. Let’s use our networks, institutionally, nationally, and internationally to get in touch with one another and share our love for SoTL.

Join our Network events booking via Eventbrite:

Join the next network meeting: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/sotl-network-meeting-tickets-140290074389

And our Write and Shine sessions are back on! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/write-and-shine-session-tickets-140290313103

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