Colleagues of the College of Science & Engineering (CoSE) are running a social media campaign via Twitter this week (14-19 March 2022) to share our love of the amazing SoTL work of our colleagues in our disciplines. SoTL is an integral part to provide evidence-based teaching practice, and therefore continuously improve our students’ learning experience. How this is achieved and what SoTL is all about is discussed in the two podcasts with which we kick off our SoTL celebration.

Click on the link below to access the two SoTL podcasts generously provided by Dr Anne Tierney and Dr Andrea Webb. Andrea has also shared a host of resources you might be interested in.

Let’s amplify the voices of colleagues who champion SoTL. Pay it forward and share work that has inpired you, or has helped you understand something about your teaching practice, or people you enjoy following in your discipline on Twitter.

Jump in and join in the celebration and add to the chat! Don’t forget to use the hashtags so that we can collate your contributions at the end of the campaign and share it with you here as a Wakelet.

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Our first #LoveSoTL campaign begins with the College of Science and Engineering (CoSE) at the University of Glasgow (UofG) and celebrates the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (SoTL) in these disciplines. (#LoveCoSESoTL).

Each day this week (14-19 March 2022) we have hosts from each of the six CoSE Schools (Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Geography & Earth Sciences, Physics & Astronomy, Maths & Statistics) who will start us off with some tweets and help amplify the voices of like-minded SoTLers.

This #LoveSoTL campaign has been brought to life by Dr Linnea Soler (Senior Lecturer in Chemistry) who decided to help kick-start the use of the UofG SoTL wordpress site, coupled with a takeover of the @UofGSoTL twitter space, to help fellow SoTLers share their love and joy of SoTL and to grow the SoTL Twitter network, starting with the College of Science and Engineering. If you are interested in following suit and organising this for your own UofG College (MVLS, CoSS, CoA), please contact Linnea, Dr Nathalie Tasler and/or Dr Sarah Honeychurch. Let’s help this grassroots movement grow!


7th March 2022

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Dr Linnea Soler

Senior Lecturer (Organic Chemistry)
School of Chemistry

I am a firm believer in harnessing the power of fun, technology, and creativity to make learning more engaging, interactive, and powerful.  My interests include the creation of novel multimedia chemistry education resources, in partnership with my final year chemistry undergraduate project students and my wonderful colleague, Dr Smita Odedra, for use in HE and in secondary schools, to enhance learning, assessment and feedback. Together, we are also exploring student transitions and the landscape of secondary school chemistry teaching in Scotland.
Bohemian, mid-century, baroque and Scandi. Whatever you call her, the truth describes her as well worn, wobbly, scuffed but still serviceable. Perhaps offensive to the eyes but is even more offensive to the ears. Aren’t you happy you decided to read to the end of this?
2022 SRC Student Teacher Award: Best Adviser of Studies (Shortlisted)

Dr Smita Odedra

Lecturer (Physical Chemistry)
School of Chemistry

I lecture, tutor, and demonstrate labs at all levels of undergraduate chemistry. Often, the content of my modules is conceptually difficult, so I enjoy exploring creative new ways to harness technology in my teaching to help break down misconceptions and make the learning process more effective. I am currently involved in some exciting projects with my fabulous colleague, Dr Linnea Soler – with students as co-creators, we have been developing fun new resources to enhance chemistry teaching and support student transitions. Whether you want a jungalow or a she-cave, Smita is your go-to person for style, flair and perfection. Need a brain, tap into her grey matter and be astonished with tales of badger folklore (she has been initiated into the secret sisterhood of Badgers-R-Us), slime flux, and mathematical mastery….for those of us who understand numbers and know how to use them. Thanks for reading to the end of this bio!
2022 SRC Student Teacher Award: Best Practice in Online Learning (Shortlisted)

Maths & Stats

8th March 2022

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Dr Andrew Wilson

Senior Lecturer (Mathematics)
School of Maths & Stats

Hi, I am Andrew and am a Senior Lecturer in Maths (with a fondness for Algebraic Geometry) on the LTS track. My interests include Assessment & Feedback to Large Cohorts, e-Assessment, Widening Participation, Outreach, Student Engagement, and playfulness in Higher Education. 

Dr Marnie Low

Lecturer (Statistics)
School of Maths & Stats

Hi I’m Marnie! I am a LTS Lecturer in Statistics her at UoG. My main areas of SoTL interests include improving statistics education in primary and secondary schools and peer review for formative and summative assessment.

Dr Craig Alexander

Lecturer (Statistics)
School of Maths & Stats

I am a LTS Lecturer in Statistics and have been at the University of Glasgow over 10 years (from student to teacher!) In my teaching work, I am interested at looking at how we can improve teaching delivery of programming courses through technology enhanced learning and the effects of statistical anxiety on learners.

Computer Science

9th March 2022

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Dr Matthew Barr

School of Computing Science

Dr Matthew Barr is Programme Director for the Graduate Apprenticeship in Software Engineering at the University of Glasgow. He is also Director of Education at SICSA, a founding Editor of oSoTL (Open Scholarship of Teaching and Learning), and Director of the Ada Scotland Festival (ada.scot). Matt is co-Director of the University’s Games & Gaming Lab, and serves as Vice Chair of British DiGRA and as a Trustee and Director of the Scottish Game Developers Association. Matt also sits on the BAFTA Scotland Committee, and currently serves as the Games Jury Chair. His book, Graduate Skills and Game-Based Learning, was published by Palgrave in 2019.
@hatii_matt (also: @adascot and @openSoTL)

Dr Mireilla Bikanga Ada

School of Computing Science

Lecturer in the School of Computing Science with interest in Transition to CS (undergraduate and postgraduate CS education research), Active learning in CS education (Flipped classroom, modified Team-Based Learning), technology-enhanced learning, educational technology development,  learning analytics, student affective states and game-based learning

Dr Qi Cao

Assistant Professor
UofG Singapore (UGS)
School of Computing Science

Dr Qi Cao is an Assistant Professor with the School of Computing Science, University of Glasgow, Singapore campus. He obtained his PhD degree from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore in 2007. He obtained his Bachelor of Engineering degree from HuaZhong University of Science & Technology (HUST), Wuhan China in 2000.  He has been with several organizations for many years research experiences, and as the first inventor of 2 granted US patents


10th March 2022

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Dr Idris Lim

Associate Professor
UofG Singapore (UGS)
School of Engineering,

Dr Idris Lim is a full-time Associate Professor with UofG and based in Singapore. Idris manages the joint SIT-UofG BEng (Hons.) in Mechanical Engineering in Singapore and leads Learning, Teaching and Scholarship (LTS) as Director of Teaching for University of Glasgow Singapore (UGS).

Dr Jolly Shah

Assistant Professor
UofG Singapore (UGS)
School of Engineering,

Dr. Jolly Shah is working as an assistant professor at James Watt School of Engineering, University of Glasgow, Singapore (UGS). She is a part of the Mechanical Design group in Singapore. In addition, she is an active member of Learning, Teaching, and Scholarship (LTS) for UGS and Collaboration and Updates lead.

Dr Rami Ghannam

Senior Lecturer (Electronic & Nanoscale Engineering)
School of Engineering

I am a Senior Lecturer in Engineering Systems Design. I am interested in developing and using interactive technologies for enhancing teaching & delivery of electronic engineering concepts. 

Dr Christian Della

Assistant Professor (Mechanical Engineering)
UofG Singapore (UGS)
School of Engineering,

Christian Della is an Assistant Professor and Industry Lead at the University of Glasgow Singapore. His passion is in developing visualization- and simulation-based learning approaches to enhance learning in mechanical engineering education.

Geographical & Earth Science
Physics & Astronomy

11th March 2022

Image is a logo banner showing a heart with a volcano. The superimposed text is #LoveGESSoTL
Image is a logo banner showing a heart with two planets on a see-saw. The superimposed text is #LovePhysSoTL and #LoveAstroSoTL

Dr Hannah Matthers

School of Geographical & Earth Science

My L&T practice and scholarship interest is sparked by things: interest in the individual educational journey of learners, learning as co-creation of and support by a community and catharsis – trying to address the ways in which my learning environments didn’t suit me and many other students.

William Kelly

Lecturer (Geospatial Science)
School of Geographical & Earth Science

Hi – I am William, former hydrographic Surveyor and now Lecturer in Geospatial Science. I teach land, hydrographic and engineering surveying and convene the geospatial PGT programmes in GES. 

Dr Nicolas Labrosse

Senior Lecturer (Astronomy)
School of Physics & Astronomy

Nic Labrosse co-chairs the Astronomy & Physics Education (APE) group in the School of Physics & Astronomy at the University of Glasgow. He is passionate about learning and teaching in higher education, supporting students, and working with them to build an environment enabling everyone to flourish as individuals. His educational research focuses on student transitions, belonging, and engagement, as well as meaningful and inclusive assessment

(to be published after this week)

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