In SoTL projects a theoretical frameworks can help you identify through which lens you are exploring the topic at hand. This can be particularly useful in anything to do with learning, teaching, and assessment, as there are a multitude of disciplinary lenses we can choose from. As an example: we can explore experiences around exams from a learning science viewpoint, from a sociological viewpoint, or even from a philosophical viewpoint–each of which provides a distinct perspective and learning opportunity.

So this is one of the most confusing and complex aspects of SoTL hence Nic and I share our meaning making debate. So yes, you are not alone–and if you are an expert around theories in education or social sciences, philosophy please contribute through the form at the bottom of this page! Let’s make this a collaborative resource.


What is Knowledge?

Grounded Theory

Kipar, Nic (2021): Grounded Theory. figshare. Online resource. 

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