Beginning with SoTL

Please find some guides and self-guiding material on this page. The first section shares material provided by colleagues, that might be useful before beginning to think about your SoTL projects.

Resources provided by Colleagues

The following shows three podcasts and one interactive resource, addressing some aspects that might be interested for anyone embarking on the SoTL pathway.

  1. SoTL and the Early Career Academic, a podcast with Dr Nicola Veitch, Dr Michelle Welsh, and Dr Ourania Varsou. Sharing their experience getting to grips with SoTL.
  2. SoTL and Research Integrity, a podcast with Dr Sam Oakley. Sam discusses how research integrity is important for SoTL projects.
  3. SoTL and the Library, a podcast with Paul Cannon. In which Paul explains how the library can help you.
  4. Share your SoTL journey, an interactive resource by Dr Linnea Soler and Dr Smita Odedra which helps you visualise the SoTL process in a magical way.

Practical ‘How to SoTL’ Resources

  • Glassick’s Framework as taught in the PGCAP might be a good starting point for you. As it provides step by step questions for the different SoTL project stages.
  • A self-guide with prompts, that leads you through a whole project from question to methods. More complex with downloadable material and a host of prompting questions for each stage.
  • Is a SoTL game that can help you find your research questions:
    • The following citation leads to a downloadable game you can run by your self or undertake with others, it aims to help you identify appropriate research questions. It’s build like Monopoly game, but has motivational cards rather than money.
    • Tasler, Nathalie (2021): Questionopoly: a game to help you develop your research questions. National Teaching Repository. Educational resource.
  • In this blog post Dr Paula Karlsson-Brown explores how the ‘Research Onion’ might help you with your SoTL project. This is a great way to visualise the process and Paula explains how it can be used.
  • Is a pdf infographic that provides an overview of the different steps (without the literature review) of SoTL. This infographic focuses on the stages after the literature review and before the analysis.
    • Infographic there is a download link to the pdf below
  • This is a video explaining the different stages, and complexities of SoTL, as well as ethics

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