Developing Solutions for Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) in the Architecture, Design and Built Environment (ADBE) through Active Collaboration & Co-creation.

Author: Anthony Ogbuokiri, Nottingham Trent University

1.1 What we did

This Seedcorn project sought to provide answers to the following questions: What are the challenges of equality, diversity & inclusion, factors responsible for these challenges, intersectionality of factors, impact, and possible solutions? The project captured resources from the ‘ADBE EDI matters’ competition; a new initiative that values the inclusion of diverse student voices in promoting inclusivity and diversity through co-creation & active collaboration in line with NTU University’s re-imagined strategy. It provided opportunity to co-create EDI solutions with students and involved winners from the EDI competition (EDI Ambassadors) who participated in focus group workshops where ideas from their posters and presentations were captured and developed into video and other outputs.

1.2 Why we did it

The project provided an excellent opportunity to promote equality, diversity and inclusion. It created safe & inclusive space for development of EDI resources through co-creation with students. It built on the success of ‘EDI matters’ competition, a new initiative that values the inclusion of diverse student voices in promoting inclusivity and diversity and positive learning experience through co-creation. This initiative involved the winners from the EDI competition (EDI ambassadors) who participated in focus groups where ideas from posters and presentations were captured and developed into outputs and resources. This project followed a co-creation and collaborative learning philosophy towards producing effective solutions, as argued in the works of Rylance (2021) and Bovill (2019). It also provided opportunity for students to contribute to EDI strategies as a form of Pedagogy for Democracy, as argued by Nagda et al. (2003). The outputs of the project helped to address some of the performance gaps and EDI issues as considered by The Office (OFS 2021) and Nottingham Trent University (Peck 2023), (NTU 2023).

1.3 How we did it

There was focus group workshops focusing on the current state of play, causes, effects and solutions to equality, diversity & inclusion in the ADBE sector and how it affects students & staff. EDI student ambassadors collated resources from the EDI competition (posters & presentations) which were captured and developed into tangible outputs. The outputs include videos and short summaries via padlet wall.

1.4 Impact

This work promoted diversity, inclusivity, belongingness & intersectionality. Impact measures included engagement and feedback from staff and students, as well as feedback from EDI partners within and beyond NTU. It empowered students to feel valued and listened to as well as building awareness, resilience, and providing a safe space for conversations and innovative EDI solutions. Also, there was external impact of partnership with the Law Department at Open University, and submission for collaborative work at Advance HE conference.

1.5 Project Outputs

1 Short video (EDI focus group) Equality, Diversity, Inclusion – An NTU Project 1.mp4

Edi Workshop Event Padlet Slideshow and Padlet

These outputs have been shared at ADBE, TILT and other NTU platforms.

1.6 Who was involved

Principal Investigator: Dr Anthony Ogbuokiri, Senior Lecturer, MSc Project Management Construction Course Leader, Construction Department, EDI Lead, School of Architecture, Design, and the Built Environment.

CO-Investigators: Dr Farah Shahrin, Senior Lecturer, Construction Department, School of Architecture, Design, and the Built Environment. Dr Rebecca Gamble, Standards and Quality Manager, Nottingham School of Art & Design, previously Principal Lecturer and MA/MSc Course Leader, PD, ADBE.

Students Contributors & EDI Ambassadors.
1. Gopikrishnan Radhakrishnan Nair
2. Anet Evarist Ndikilo
3. Hunar Arora
4. Ayodele Solomon Ogunbusola
5. Manh Tuong La
6. Vanita Gordhanbhai Thakkar
7. Dimple Mehra Ram


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