Day 7: Learning to Read Scientific Journal Articles

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Do your elves struggle with reading (scientific) journal articles? Do they even know where to start? Do they know how to read them and extract appropriate information? Would you like to help them become more comfortable, confident and capable when d’elving into these tomes? Then, Day 7 is your lucky day!

James Bartlett (@JamesEBartlett) and Phil McAleer (@McAleerP) have prepared an interactive blogpost that introduces and explains how to use the QALMRI (Question, Alternatives, Logic, Method, Results, and Inferences) method for learning how to read journal articles. James and Phil explain the method, demonstrate how it works, and provide an interactive activity for learners to apply and practice their new skills. A PDF version of this tutorial is also available within this resource.

Enjoy this transformative resource. Help your Elf-on-the-Shelf to become the best-read & knowledgeable Elf-on-the-Scientific-Paper-Bookshelf!

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