Day 3a: Journey to SoTL City

Title of topic reads "Journey to SoTL City" with author Matt Offord

Day 3 offers you the gift of a wonderfully thoughtful comic, by Matt Offord (@dataeducata, Adam Smith Business School), describing the perils, pitfalls, and pleasures of a SoTL journey. Deceptively simple in appearance, it packs a powerful message to all SoTl’ers.

A comic strip showing a person embarking on an ardous journey to "SoTL City" and encountering challenges of trying to manage teaching, admin, & workload.  There are feelings of achievement then a moment of near failure by being daunted by a mountain of work. However, the person is rescued by the TEAM and the message is that SoTL is much easier as a team.

Song of the Day 3a

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