Day 2a: Virtual Reality on the primary science course – School of Education, University of Glasgow

Teacher with class and microscope

Gabriella Rodolico

The lesson, Body Systems, was taught by using more traditional methodologies to explore the body, such as peak flow meters and velcro organs aprons to more advanced technology such as virtual reality (VR). This was a fantastic opportunity for the PGDE primary student teachers to take the lead in a micro teaching sessions and for the pupils from Corpus Christi to visit the School of Education and conduct their experiments. The video (below) demonstrates this in action.

Body Systems Corpus Christi

I conducted a study aimed to examine some of the concerns expressed by teachers about the implementation of VR in school Education, and to explore how Initial Teacher Education Institutions could facilitate and support this process. The results were presented at the ECER conference 2021 in Geneva (see below).

ECER Conference – Geneva 2021

Finally, I am now exploring innovative and creative ways to implement VR in learning and teaching supported by her student teachers and alumni. The emotional impact of nature seen through the lenses of VR and revealed through the power of expressive art.

Song of the Day

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