Day 12a: Introduction and Call for Action!

Welcome to the first two mini-posts of day 12 of our SoTL calendar! In the podcast, we are introducing Scott Border as a new #TeamUofG member. In the second blog, Arturo Molina-Cristobal is seeking feedback on new learning activities.

An Introductory Podcast

by Scott Border (@ScottBorder1) from the School of Life Sciences

In this short podcast, Scott briefly explores his professional background and his move to the University of Glasgow as the newly appointed Head of Anatomy. Scott also introduces his Teaching and Scholarship Podcast series (, which has been successfully running for the past couple of years and aims to promote teaching excellence within university education.

Day 12 Image click to follow the link (opens in new window) to the content of Day 12

A Call for Action to Provide Feedback

by Arturo Molina-Cristobal from the School of Engineering

This is Arturo’s development of teaching activities using the EON-XR tool for Augmented and Virtual Reality. Arturo is in the process of doing the scholarship for these learning activities and would like some feedback from colleagues.

We continue in a second blog post: The Friday Message

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