#SoTLAdvent: Day 11

Why do students drop computing science? Matthew Barr & Maria Kallia Background In many parts of the world – including Scotland – there is a shortage of Computing Science graduates. And we are particularly short on female Computing Science (CS) graduates. There are lots of reasons for this, and prior work has found that students […]

#SoTLAdvent: Day 10

Saeeda Bhatti, Saeeda.Bhatti@glasgow.ac.ukToday’s contribution is the sharing of two examples of teaching practice–Student Selected Components (SSCs)–from colleagues in the Medical School Background Student Selected Components (SSCs) are modules which students select as part of their undergraduate medical studies. The SSCs which I have designed developed from my personal interest as a science communicator. Since 2016, […]

#SoTLAdvent: Day 08

Investigating The Impact of Public Engagement (PE) Training on Communication Skills and PE Perspectives Laura Richmond (University of Glasgow) The University of Glasgow’s MSc Cancer Research and Precision Oncology is a 1-year programme which offers students a comprehensive training in cancer sciences, however an opportunity exists to enhance the level of public engagement (PE) training […]

GTA facilitated Active Learning in early-years undergraduate practical classes in the School of Geographical and Earth Sciences 

Dr Alice Lacsny: Lecturer in Human Geography in the School of Geographical and Earth Sciences.  Dr Pamela Campbell: Lecturer in Earth Sciences in the School of Geographical and Earth Sciences and Geology Tutor at Lifelong Learning.   Across the UK Higher Education sector, there is a significant body of evidence that points to the positive impact […]

#SoTLAdvent: Day 07

Virtual Placement Research Process – a Vodcast Vicki Dale and Karen Thompson (University of Glasgow) This is a ‘vodcast’ (a conversation with visual clues) between Vicki Dale and Karen Thompson talking about virtual placement research process. It will link to an article recently published by Thompson and Dale (2022) which covers themes including self-regulated learning, […]

#SoTLAdvent: Day 05

Decolonising learning development through reflective and relational practice By Julia Bohlmann This opinion piece has been published in the Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education in September: The Decolonising the Curriculum (DtC) movement questions the very values we take for granted as educators. It questions our identity, the knowledge we have internalised and are […]

#SoTLAdvent: Day 03

1. Interactive Learning – Sharing our Experiences Geethanjali Selvaretnam and Ian Smith (University of Glasgow) and (University of St Andrews) The value of interactive learning is widely recognised and educators are curious to learn about the effectiveness of different methods of interactive learning. Our contribution to the advent calendar is to share some methods we […]

#SoTLAdvent: Day 02

Table of Content Virtual Reality (VR) in Education A game changer or smoke and mirrors? VR is one of the most studied emerging innovative technologies used in several fields such as  education, medical training, military training, architectural design learning and more. Emerging evidence has demonstrated that Virtual Reality (VR) supported lessons are able to enhance […]