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Power of reflexivity and reflective writing: Becoming a mindful Educator

by Karen Thompson Late in 2020, I completed my master’s dissertation (Master’s Project) for the MEd in Academic Practice.  Having submitted it, I was waiting in a long post office queue to send my Christmas cards whist listening to Nathalie Sheridan’s podcast and experimental paper on ‘Becoming a University Teacher’ (2020).  Many of the stories […]

The Value of SoTL: Reflections on ‘Becoming’ an Early Career (Teaching) Academic

Doctoral education can be considered an ‘apprenticeship’ (Park, 2015); where a new generation of practitioners (doctoral students) engage in on-the-job training (research and teaching) to become sufficiently adept at a profession (academia). In the first year of my doctoral studies (early 2010s), I remember attending a talk about ‘becoming an academic’, where we were told the […]


Follow this link to the original h5p page and for the transcript of the content or click on the image below for all the interactive elements included in it. ChemisTREE of SoTL (Dr Linnea Soler) by linnea.soler on Genially If you have never used an interactive image before the little icon in the top right […]

Open Access for SOTL

This blogpost is a brief summary of open access and the procedure for achieving open access at the University of Glasgow. If you would like more detailed information on open access, it is available on our webpages and also in this short video:  Open Access is the principle that a research output should be presented […]