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Messy Writing

By Julia Bohlmann I’m a draft writer or daft writer, depending what way you are looking at it. What I’m trying to say is that I’m a writer of multiple drafts. This is because I have long accepted that my first two drafts of anything are going to be messy. So apart from being a […]

“Are engineers better placed to learn to become physics teachers than physicists?”

Asks our author Nicola Jones in this thoughtful blogpost. So get your cuppa and enjoy the read! Learning to become a teacher is a challenging and daunting task for many but for those with backgrounds in physics and maths, learning to become a physics teacher may be harder than for those from engineering backgrounds. To […]


Colleagues of the College of Science & Engineering (CoSE) are running a social media campaign via Twitter this week (14-19 March 2022) to share our love of the amazing SoTL work of our colleagues in our disciplines. SoTL is an integral part to provide evidence-based teaching practice, and therefore continuously improve our students’ learning experience. […]

Day 11: Enhancing Written Feedback

Welcome to day 11 of our SoTL adventure! In this blog post, and accompanying sway, William McGuire discusses feedback literacy. Enhancing Written Feedback Toolkit by William McGuire (@willieapps) from the School of Education Aims To stimulate critical reflection on what constitutes useful written feedback; To present some principles of effective feedback from the literature and […]