#SoTLAdvent: Day 08

Investigating The Impact of Public Engagement (PE) Training on Communication Skills and PE Perspectives Laura Richmond (University of Glasgow) The University of Glasgow’s MSc Cancer Research and Precision Oncology is a 1-year programme which offers students a comprehensive training in cancer sciences, however an opportunity exists to enhance the level of public engagement (PE) training […]

#SoTLAdvent: Day 07

Virtual Placement Research Process – a Vodcast Vicki Dale and Karen Thompson (University of Glasgow) This is a ‘vodcast’ (a conversation with visual clues) between Vicki Dale and Karen Thompson talking about virtual placement research process. It will link to an article recently published by Thompson and Dale (2022) which covers themes including self-regulated learning, […]

#SoTLAdvent: Day 03

1. Interactive Learning – Sharing our Experiences Geethanjali Selvaretnam and Ian Smith (University of Glasgow) and (University of St Andrews) The value of interactive learning is widely recognised and educators are curious to learn about the effectiveness of different methods of interactive learning. Our contribution to the advent calendar is to share some methods we […]

Discovering Economics – Schools Outreach Event

Geethanjali Selvaretnam and Karen Clancey (Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow) Lack of Economics in Scottish schools Economics is a discipline which provides the tools to analyse various choices made by individuals, businesses, financial institutions, policy makers, government etc.. A degree in Economics can lead to wide-ranging good careers for students.1 It is of […]

Research internship scheme for undergraduates

Authors: Dr Geethanjali Selvaretnam, Senior Lecturer, EconomicsKaren Clancey, Undergraduate Programmes OfficerAdam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow In this blog, we share how we created a research internship scheme for undergraduate students at the Adam Smith Business School at the University of Glasgow (ASBS), explain the process and show how beneficial such a scheme is. […]