#SoTLAdvent: Day 10

Saeeda Bhatti, Saeeda.Bhatti@glasgow.ac.ukToday’s contribution is the sharing of two examples of teaching practice–Student Selected Components (SSCs)–from colleagues in the Medical School Background Student Selected Components (SSCs) are modules which students select as part of their undergraduate medical studies. The SSCs which I have designed developed from my personal interest as a science communicator. Since 2016, […]

#SoTLAdvent: Day 04

Making the Case for Virtual Placements Jamie Murray In today’s post, Dr. Jamie Murray (@jamiegmurray86) makes the case for increasing virtual placements by outlining the main benefits but also considering the key challenges facing students and placement coordinators. Jamie is also delighted to introduce the new School of Psychology & Neuroscience Employability Network which he […]