Day 3c: SoTL: It’s not just the destination, it’s also the journey

Central Excerpt from Mindmap with title "SoTL: It's not just the destination, it's also the journey" and shows the the 8 main branches of the Mindmap.

In your third post of Day 3 Linnea Soler (@DrLinneaSoler, School of Chemistry) shares her Mindmap Musings which were used to underpin the thoughts and insights of today’s second post (“Share Your SoTL Magic”).
You may access this Mindmap material via three routes:
1) Explore Mindmap through AYOA (there is no need to register)
2) Download .docx file (no images, all text)
3) View image (.jpeg) below

Song of the Day 3c

Day 3(a) PostJourney to SoTL City

Day 3(b) Post “Share Your SoTL Magic”

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