CPD- collecting shiny things

I am re-blogging a brilliant resource from colleagues at NTU. If you follow the original post and go to the bottom there is a brilliant graphic with note taking incentives for CPD sessions.


NTU Fellowship Community

So the Learning and Teaching conference season is kicking off which makes it a good time to talk Continuing Professional Development (CPD). CPD is a really significant part of your fellowship claim and a way to demonstrate how you are keeping abreast with sector challenges, evidence-based practice and pedagogical conversations (think A5 and most of the core knowledge in the Professional Standards Framework). Within the fellowship submission there is an opportunity to reflect how you have reinvested learning from CPD encounters back into your practice. There will be few face to face CPD opportunities this year. Whilst virtual CPD is opening up a wider menu of opportunities, we might need to tune in a little differently and soup up our powers of reflection to make it count. So here are some thoughts about collecting the shiny things to take back to our learning and teaching nest.

Active Reflection


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