About this Blog

This is the community blog for everyone at the University of Glasgow who is interested in learning about, participating in, or leading in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL). You will also find ongoing activities under the #UofGSoTL hashtag on Twitter.

early morning image of the McMillan Round Reading Room

Colleagues are encouraged to share their thoughts, introduce their SoTL work and interests, become co-authors and co-creators of this blog. Send a message to nathalie.sheridan@glasgow.ac.uk to join as an author on the blog. We also have a community of practice on MS Teams , there are channels for each college run by either the college SoTL champion or members of school SoTL groups.

So what is this all about?

This blog has a multitude of functions:


Have you never written a piece of scholarship of teaching and learning?
Have you never written in first person?
Do you want to try out to write this way, and obtain peer feedback on the way?

Do you want to share your project?
Do you want to work out loud?
Do you want to try out blogging with the friendly help of your SoTL champions?

Learning, Exploring, Sharing

We will share resources to help you get started with SoTL and encourage our SoTL Community to become contributors.

  • How to find literature?
  • Where to publish?
  • How to get started with a SoTL project?
  • Finding collaborators

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