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Dr Alison McCandlish

A headshot of Alison with a big smile on her face and wearing stylish big framed glasses

Dr Alison McCandlish is a lecturer in City Planning and Acting Programme Director for MSc City Planning and MSc City Planning & Real Estate Development. She is based in Urban Studies in the School of Social and Political Sciences. Alison enjoys using creative methods and site visits in her teaching, and using active learning to help people see the world with a planning and urban design “eye”. 

Staff profile https://www.gla.ac.uk/schools/socialpolitical/staff/alisonmccandlish/  
Website https://crenellatedarts.com/  
Twitter @CrenellatedArts 
Mastadon @alisonmccandlish@sotl.social


Dr Geethanjali Selvaretnam 

A smiling Geetha standing in front of a wooden door that has a copper sign saying: Adam Smith Business School. Geetha is wearing glasses and wonderful smile and this is a shoulder head shot

Geetha is a Senior Lecturer at the Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow. She is currently the Deputy Head of the School (Equality, Diversity and Sustainability). She previously worked at the University of St Andrews, Royal Holloway and University of Essex, where she read for her PhD in Economics. Before academia, she worked as an accountant and at the Central Bank of Sri Lanka.


Dr Julia Bohlmann

A full on face shot of Julia with a big smile on her face. There are some trees in the background

Julia Bohlmann is an Academic Development Adviser at the University of Glasgow where she has previously worked as Learning Adviser for International Students. Through her advisory and educational practice, she developed an interest in intercultural pedagogy and anti-racist education. She aims to evoke the same in the academics and professionals she advises and is co-leader of a Decolonising the Curriculum Community of Practice.

Dr Gabriella Rodolico

a slightly angled professional head and shoulders portrait photo of Gabriella she is smiling into the camera

Gabriella Rodolico is a lecturer in Science Education (Biology) at the School of Education, University of Glasgow. She is a PhD level biotechnologist and qualified as Biology with Science teacher at the University of Strathclyde. She taught in secondary schools and higher education gaining a wide experience in these fields. Her main research interests are Virtual Reality in Education and Internationalisation. UoG Profile https://www.gla.ac.uk/schools/education/staff/gabriellarodolico/

Email: gabriella.rodolico@glasgow.ac.uk

Twitter: @DrRodolico


Dr Sarah Honeychurch

another smiling head and shoulders portrait this time it is Sarah and she is in front of a very pretty digital art background over her left shoulder an image of a cardinal sitting in a circle and over her right shoulder are flowers and snowflakes. It looks as if she is in front of a blue archway

Sarah is Good Practice Adviser in Academic and Digital Development at the University of Glasgow. She has a PhD in participatory learning, and justifies playing around on social media as ‘doing important research’. She is co-lead of the Active Learning Network UofG Satellite Group and is interested in exploring bricolage as method for authentic assessment. She is owned by two cats, Cagney and Lacey.

Twitter: @NomadWarMachine

Dr Linnea Soler

And of course Linnea is smiling into the camera too upper body and head visible the foreground shows some Chemical glass cylinders filled with mysterious looking colourful liquids, she holds the model of a molecule in her hand and behind her you can just make out a Study Chemistry poster and the lab's fire blanket on the wall. So if these liquids cause issues. Linnea is prepared!

Linnea is a Senior Lecturer (LTS) in Organic Chemistry and the CoSE SoTL Champion at the University of Glasgow.  She is a firm believer in harnessing the power of fun, technology, and creativity to make learning more engaging, interactive, and powerful. In partnership with her project students and her wonderful colleague, Dr Odedra, she is currently exploring a) supporting student transition to HE and b) fostering critical thinking skills, both through interactive e-resources. Linnea feels very fortunate to be able to work, and laugh with, so many of our fine SoTL colleagues at UofG and beyond. @DrLinneaSoler

Dr Nathalie Tasler

Nathalie's Christmas selfie. As usual her inability to take sensible selfies shows, she looks at the camera out of the corner of her eyes because she took the angle all wrong and tilted her head. It's a headshot showing top of shoulder. But there is a pretty Christmas tree in the background. Let's focus on the christmas tree with fairy lights, pine cones and silver and white baubles.

Nathalie is Senior Lecturer in Academic and Digital Development at the University of Glasgow. She is passionate about translating creative pedagogy into HE context and helping colleagues to become SoTL. Both missions focus on the continuous improvement of learning experience & teaching practice. Otherwise, you can find her on a mountain bike, or a mountain, on or in the sea, a loch, or woods, or covered in paint from the latest art project, or writing poetry–did we mention ADHD?

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